Tips that classic Vespa does not strike

Classic Vespa is now too late to be a trend among lovers vespa, not only that Vespa is now also started favored by the majority of young people who ultimately make the association vespa.
But the things that become obstacles when driving with the classic Vespa is when it suddenly broke down on the road. In this case, often the source of the problem lies on the spark plugs, spark plug black more specific, or soaked with oil.

So how to keep the spark plug vespa remain durable?

1. To be considered it is setting spuyer.

What it spuyer?
Nozzle is a component located in the carburetor bowl. There are two spuyer. Fat-called main jet nozzle that serves mengabutkan fuel at high speed. While the form of the long straight, called a jet pilot.

Main jet playing too big is the reason why the spark plugs wet with oil, because under such conditions the combustion too much.
Although fuel used high-octane, had no effect whatsoever.
And useless if its setting is not appropriate nozzle. Previously, the condition of good fuel is believed to not make quick plugs damaged.

2.Kondisi setting of the nozzle should not be too wet.

3. Dosing oil side must also be ideal

Good luck with these tips before you stop street because you vespa strike. And for your information, as well as other 2-stroke motors, classic Vespa also use oil side, in addition to the engine oil. Thank you