The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Call Center Service Provider

Virtual call center companies have become the recent favorites of the present day business enterprises. What makes them the favorite lets have a look.

The advantages:

The virtual call center technology has reduced the expenses on infrastructural development as well as on infrastructural maintenance. To function this new technology does not require any particular hardware system. The agents can even use their personal system to log on to the centralized call center software. It is this feature of the new call center technology that allows the agents the liberty to work from home. Now when the bulk of the agents are working from home there is no need to spend unnecessarily on office real estate. As a matter of fact the expenses in buying, installing and maintaining gadgets also goes down substantially.

Now that the employers work from home a good part of their monthly remuneration that otherwise would have gone for commuting to and fro to office is saved. Quite obviously the call center companies can now offer them a lower salary. Now this is savings for both the parties. The employer saves by cutting down on the budget allocated for employee maintenance and the employee saves by doing away with their travelling expenses.

Money is definitely the most important business asset, but time is equally valuable. The work from home provision also saves good amount of time. In USA most of the office goers spend a good 2-3 hours in commuting. When working from home the call center agent can dedicate this time for solid work. Not only for the call center agents for the company also and eventually for the businesses the home based workers can offer flexible service.

And last but not the least it is the location of these web based call center units rather the places from where the staffs are hired are mostly underdeveloped or developing countries. Call centers India and Philippines have become the hot spots in this context. Owing to stagnated economic conditions labor in these countries are available at very moderate sum of money. Reduced labor rates imply reduced operational expenses for the business.

The disadvantages:

Distance between the business center and the call centers India might pose a problem. It is always necessary for the off role business employees to have a picture of the real site. Lets say for instance a call center company from India is planning and executing a marketing campaign for an US client. It is necessary for the offshore marketers to have knowledge as to how their campaign is fairing. Without proper feedback the existing errors cannot be corrected. However, to cope up with this problem onsite appointments are made. These onsite appointees are responsible for collecting feedback and other valuable information.

The scattered call center staffs might pose challenge when it comes to coordinating and monitoring their functions. How the call center agents are taking care of the telephone answering services is a must watch out. Here again technological advancements come to the rescue.

Basically the disadvantages have been countered by the technological innovations and progress.

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