3 Mandatory Car Parts Replaced Before Homecoming

Homecoming is one of the unique ritual that is found in few countries, one of which is Indonesia. Droves of people to return home to see relatives up to do.

One mode of transportation that is normally used when going home is the private car. This is mainly done by the urban community. In addition to easier and does not need changing modes of transportation, going to use the car also allows one to bring more stuff.
Well, before going home, you’ll want to replace some components. This is done so forth with your family use a car can be passed smoothly.

What are the components that need replacing? Here’s his review:

1. Lubricants Oil

The first component is the need to replace the oil. Change the engine oil is recommended prior to travel far as going home.

Before changing the oil, it is good to ‘flush’ the machine first, it is useful in order to work more optimally lubricating oil long before discarded.

In addition, also replace the oil filter and oil axle and transmission oil. Two oil latter had to be replaced every car reaches mileage of 20 thousand km. Remember, use an oil specifically designed for the tropical climate.

2. Tire

There are several characteristics of the tires that make you have to replace them before they go. First, the tire in a state of smooth or bald. In addition, replace the tire also if it ever leaked over twice.

Then, check also, if there benjolak on the surface of the outer tire. Ban bump indicates the fiber has been torn, so there is likely to be enlarged when in use, or even a flat tire.

Another characteristic is color. Good tires are tires black. If it is faded, then the chances of the tire is already fragile because of the heat. In addition, replace the tire also cracked because it is very dangerous if used for long distance travel.

3. Brake

This component is also very important to consider before traveling back and forth. Immediately replace the hose and master brake if there is an indication of a leak. Also check the brake fluid volume. If staying a little, do not hesitate to add it. Besides dressing also if the brake pads have thinned.

Some signs indicating the brakes have to be replaced is the depth of footing the brake. The deeper footing, the more thin lah brake. In addition, the brakes to vibrate and sound on the brakes is also an indication of the brake lining must be replaced.

For your information, the age of the car matic brake faster than a manual car. For example, if the brake on a manual car runs at the distance of 70 thousand km, then the car could only half matic.

In addition to the components that need replacing, there are also other components that must be checked and must be replaced if it is damaged. For example, battery, radiator, headlights, air conditioning, suspension, until the wiper.

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